Thursday, 19 April 2012

Tutorial 3: Girl with a Dove Starting Points

Tutorial with Bunny Winter 19.4.12


The complication for this piece is children's clothing. Places to enquire - ArtsEd, Flame Torbay, Hirearchy. Also enquire with local schools with acting departments.
Look at Colleen Atwood. Child in Sweeney Todd. 
Boy should be fairly basic. Shirt, short trousers. 
Girl, use pinafore as a base and add. Belt with a bow as in research images.
Check costume store for smaller clothes that could be used on children. 
Stripey tights for both children to add small detail?
Aviary man should be easy, all items in costume store. 

I'm anxious and excited about this project. I know that finding kid's clothes that work will definitely be a challenge, but it's one I'm happy to accept! I have a meeting with director B Emck at 2pm today so will post again after.

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