Friday, 13 April 2012

Film Pitches

Today we were allowed to sit in on the pitches from the Film students and then later on in the day the decision was made for the selected films.
There were 14 pitches in total for a potential 8 films to be made. In the end only 7 films were chosen, as there were a few quite ambitious pitches. 

It was really interesting to be there for the pitches, as there was such a wide variety of paintings chosen as well as ideas for the films themselves. I thought it was great that we heard pitches from Directors as well as those on the creative side, and it was really interesting to see the difference in focus from the various "roles" that pitched. Ultimately I'm really happy with the final 7 films that have been chosen. There was only 1 film that I really loved the idea for that didn't get picked, and I feel capable of working on any of the films chosen!

The final 7 are:

Francis Bacon - Untitled (Crouching Figure) (1952)
Pitched by Dan
The film is based in the character in the painting's mind. A hallucinatory struggle to escape the confines of his mind, as if lost in a nightmare.
Lots of point of view photography.
2 Characters
  • Naked Contorted Man
  • Circus Ring Leader, symbolic of the main character's alter ego

Kees Van Dongen - Portrait of Dolly (1912)
Pitched by Maria
A young girl sees her mother having sex. Her reaction is that of curiosity. There's a certain level of jealousy and desiring sexual consort. She dresses herself up (as in the painting), making herself up with great care.
Setting 1910. Mood, curious, not seedy or negative.
3 Characters
  • Dolly, daughter, last image dressed as painting. 10 year old. 
  • Mother
  • Male, well dressed 

Georges Seurat - The Bridges at Courbevoie (1886)
Pitched by Lars
A contemporary piece about the distance between a father and daughter. Their car breaks down and there is an apparent distance between them as they walk near the water. They have to reluctantly act as a family for the 3rd character, a photographer. 
3 Characters
  • Father
  • Daughter
  • Photographer

Sylvia Sleigh - The Situation Group (1961)
Pitched by Sam
An observatory piece on the characters in the painting. There to be painted/photographed. Looking at the 12s conversations and interations
12 Characters
Piet Mondrian
Pitched by Liz
An artistic film based on movement and dance. The concept is about originally and conformity. Using the lines of Mondrian's painting.
Unknown number of Characters. 

Pablo Picasso - Girl with a Dove (1901)
Pitched by B
A boy and girl enter an aviary. The boy kicks a football into one of the cages and one of the birds dies. The aviary keeper takes the ball and turns the boy into a bird. The last image is of the girl holding the dead dove. 
Old antique colours. Colleen Atwood victorian-esque style. 
3 Characters
  • Little Girl, 10 years
  • Little Boy, 10 years
  • Aviary keeper, male. 

Max Liebermann - Memorial Service for Kaiser Friedrich at Kösen (1889)
Pitched by Daisy
A grandmother tells an old folk tale to her grandson about a woman who ventures into the wood to discover the source of music and is never seen again. 
3 Characters
  • Grandmother (potentially voiceover)
  • Grandson (potentially voiceover)
  • Girl in woods
  • plus extras for funeral

We will be finding out which film we have been allocated early next week. I know that I am capable of doing the costume for any of the films though of course I have my favourites! I think my top 3 (in no particular order!) would be Portrait of Dolly, Girl with a Dove and Memorial Service, though I'm really pleased with all 7 final choices and can't wait to see them become realised.

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