Friday, 27 April 2012

Shoot Day!

So yesterday was the shoot day! We met bright and early at 7:30 and were on set by 8am.
The set was this amazing run down farm building, with one end filled with all sorts of interesting bird cages, which were added to with 5 more cages containing 6 very sweet birds. It had this great antique feel to it among the dusty run down space. 
As the only internal space was the shooting area we had a gazebo for our green room and costume area and a tent as our changing room! This actually worked really well, and luckily after some initial rain in the morning we had some great weather and our giant umbrellas were left unused!

Initially the plan was to get the actors on set for 10:15 to start shooting at 10:30, though with a combination of a bit of heavy rain and some electrical problems with the lights we had a late start at around 11:30. 

I had been a little worried about the costume the day before as we hadn't been able to arrange any fittings for any of the 3 actors. I'd taken a variety of potential costume items so we had the option to mix and match on the day, however my 1st choice items worked exactly as I had wanted them to and the girls fitted perfectly in everything! Des had bought a selection of shirts, trousers and shoes for me to chose from. I wanted a plain white shirt and plain black trousers, with black shoes, and he had perfect items for what was needed. I had two waistcoat options and the preferred one fit perfectly.

 Hattie Gotobed - Girl 1
 Melissa Gotbed - Girl 2
 Des Barron - Aviary Keeper

It was amazing to be on set. I'd worked on films before but nothing with the high level of equipment and planning as this shoot. Even when costume wasn't particularly needed it was really great to be able to watch on the monitor and see how the shots were looking. It was also great to have Charlie assisting me, as sometimes it felt like I needed to be in 2 places at once! 

Even after the late start, the rest of the day went relatively smoothly. A couple of shots had to be cut because of the delay as the birds were due back early, but they got everything they needed and I thought it looked amazing! We managed to wrap on time just before 5.

It was such a great experience and a really enforced for me that film is definitely where I want to be working! I literally can't wait to see how the film's final edit will look, and it seems sort of strange that even though my job as costume is done there are still so many steps before we'll see the finished product. I'm really proud of the work I've done for the shoot. 

Here are a few more detailed pictures of the set:

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