Thursday, 19 April 2012

First meeting with Director B Emck

So today I had my first meeting with B Emck, the director for the film who also pitched the idea. It went really well, I think we're definitely on the same page, and seem to have a lot of similar tastes and ideas in terms of the design for the piece. I already knew that we would see eye to eye as she mentioned Colleen Atwood in her pitch who is one of the costume designers I admire the most, and I found that we talked a lot about films she had worked on today! 


Victorian was the era that she had initially mentioned, and we agreed that this would work well, with the children being middle to upper class (though nothing too fancy). For colouring we're looking at the young girl in predominantly white, with possible black or coloured touches. She loved the idea for the bow around the waist and we're looking at the green to blue colour spectrum, mirroring some of the original colours of the painting. She wants it relatively plain with small details and loved the idea of the stripy tights. 

The aviary man with be 60+. She wants lots of texture with him so to match the set. Simple with waistcoat. 

Shoes will be seen. For the girl possibly laced boots.

Everything we discussed confirmed all the ideas I had started to envisage. She also showed me a couple pictures of the set which will be great to help envisage the costumes! 

None of the actors have been cast yet. B is meeting with a girl and boy tomorrow and will let me know asap if they are right for the parts. As we are filming in exactly a week I will start looking around without measurements for the basic items and get some fabric samples for colour so not to waste time. Hopefully we will have measurements by Monday. 

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