Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Millais and Northcote

I wanted to get some initial images before meeting with the director tomorrow so have been researching into paintings of young girls in the Victorian era.

Sir John Everett Millais has done a series of very sweet painting of innocent looking young girls. These two particularly stood out for me in terms of costume. They mirror the bandeau bow around the waist from Picasso's painting, which is a detail I'm really keen to include in the costume design.

Cherry Ripe (1879)
Afternoon Tea (1889)

I also found one painting by James Northcote that I love. The colours in this piece are really beautiful as well as the detailing of the dress. The delight in her face is beautiful, and I thought very relevant as the start of the film will be the girl's same delight in the birds. 

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