Saturday, 21 April 2012

Character Change

Today I heard from B that as they've been unsuccessful in auditioning any appropriate young boys the character has now been changed to an older sister. This will probably mean I will need to spend more on the costumes, but I think I prefer designing for girls, as it gives me an extra level of freedom and creativity in terms of colour and style. 

As the majority of my research on young girls has been geared towards the innocent younger sister I've had a look at a few more paintings that encapsulate an older sister. I've decided I want her to be in dark tones, probably navy as a representation of her bad side. 

I love this painting by Kate Perugini. The girl is a little younger, but the dress is perfect, and this is definitely a similar style to what I will be looking for. 

Kate Perugini, Dora (1892)

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