Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tutorial 1: Styling Project

Tutorial with Bunny Winter 22.3.12


Wanting to modernise the portrait of choice.Good start with research, got a good feel for where I want to go.
Currently have 2 main choices:
- Madame Moitessier Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 1856
Focus on shape and colour
- Lord John Stuart and his Brother, Lord Bernard Stuart Anthony Van Dyck, 1638
Change the storyline with a comical twist - modern day Roller Derby girls. 
Could use team mates at Dorset Roller Girls and friends.
Focus on colour, stance, shape.
Look at specifics of lines to make sure achieved correctly. 
Will shoot after Easter. Prepare everything during Easter so shoot is easily done after Easter. Use Kevin Malbas (3rd year Photography) and hire out studio at uni. 
Think about set, step to stand on, and something to lean on. 
Do some test shots first with kit to get perfect. 


After my tutorial it has become even more clear to me that Lord John Stuart and his Brother, Lord Bernard Stuart is the best choice for me. I really want to create something comical and personal to me, and really believe that I can replicate this painting well with my new context added to it. 
From talking with Bunny I know that because it is such a massive change to the painting I will need to focus so strongly on the shapes and colours of my choices in everything to really make it a successful final photograph. I've already started speaking with Kevin Malbas, a photographer friend, to start thinking about achieving the best picture I can. I already have a pretty clear idea of what I want it to look like, and in terms of costume and outfit I feel really confident in my initial choices. The test shots I hope to do will be able to show me if anything needs tweaking before I do the final shoot.

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