Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Kiss

To get us started with the project we were shown a few initial interpretations that artists had produced to inspire us. This particular image really stood out me.

Gustav Klimt's The Kiss has been a very significant painting for me since I was young. It was my parents favourite painting and I can remember admiring the colour and patterns as a child, imprinting them on my mind and giving them a strong familiarity for me now (my parents even had matching dressing gowns in the patterns of Klimt's lovers!). Seeing Moises González's interpretation I think has made me love Klimt's piece more, if that was possible. The colouring, though more vibrant works perfectly and the different textures of the fabrics substitutes for the opposing patterns. I love that he's used digital enhancement to create the background and floral ground, but still given it a significant difference to the original, keeping with his bold colour scheme. 
After seeing this particular interpretation I researched some others, though found that none captured the facial expression quite like González has here. I know that this particularly is going to be vital, and that selecting the correct model is going to be key to creating a successful image. 

Moises González, La Esencia de Klimt, 2007
Gustav Klimt, The Kiss, 1907-1908

You can see more of Moises González's interpritations of Gustav Klimt's work at Behance Network

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